Local design bookcase – The Singulière Bookcase

The Singulière Bookcase impresses by its grace and its good storage capacity for little material. Balancing emptiness and matter, it will give dynamism to your interior, and will attract to it your most beautiful objects without your permission. Four screws on the wall and she’ll never move her two legs again.
Dimensions: 72″ high X 38″ large X 11 3/4″ deep

Illustrated wood essences: ark: American elm, box: cherry

Price: 1575$

Often contrasted, the Singulière Collection imposes a discussion between opposite shades of wood. The Bookcase is no exception. For a more marked discussion, the ark can be ordered in black, revealing the grain of the chosen wood. The Singulière Bookcase is also available in a removable version (the ark only) with assembly bolts, for customers far from Montreal.

*** Must be attached to the wall *** Wood essences: depends on the inventory *** Available in version 1, 2 or 3 boxes ***

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The Singulière Collection products are also available on Etsy.


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