Custom kitchen Montréal

Renovating a kitchen is a big job. We believe that a custom kitchen produces the best results. Montréal has lots of kitchen designers and cabinetmakers to pick from. Why choose MATPEL Ecological Woodworking for your project?

We are woodworkers, not kitchen designers. This means that we build our own designs rather than outsource production to plants that reproduce the same designs over and over. MATPEL will build a truly unique custom kitchen for you, designed for you and with you to meet your real needs. And we aren’t limited by factory standards. If the material exists, we can make it work.

We design cabinets to the nearest 1/16” for a truly custom kitchen to fit your interior and appliances. We’ll review the ergonomics with you, the elements to install in the space, as well as every piece of hardware and its use. In short, we’ll look at your kitchen as if it were our own: no detail will be left out. You’ll be able to visualize your project in 3D several times during the design process. And we’ll be right there to coordinate the installation details with other workers onsite from start to finish.

We can create bold designs that highlight the wood: we understand the continuity of the grain. Whether the doors are built of solid wood or paneling, our goal is always to achieve visual unity by allowing the grain of the wood to flow throughout the cabinet doors.

If you want an ecological custom kitchen, we are the experts in Montréal. At MATPEL, we’ll give you the facts when it comes to the materials we use, no false pretenses or greenbashing. And we can replace nearly every regular material with an environmentally responsible option, if you wish.