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There is something poetic about the grain in a piece of wood. As with any other form of beauty, the eye is trained to discover subtleties that may go unnoticed at first glance. This is what leads us to describe the crafting of trees as an art form, which we transform into wall art when the right pieces pass through our hands.

Cambium is a microscopic layer of bark which contributes to the growth of the tree during its lifetime. Our work is on this scale: the infinitely small. A speck of dust in the wood industry. And it is a tiny fraction of all the wood material that passes through our workshop. A kind of natural selection.

Only local species, handmade finish and very low VOC. Hanging or fixing systems are pre-installed and well thought out.

Pieces ready to hang on the wall.


MATPEL ecological woodworking recovers urban trees and operates in a custom production context. In the course of a year, our woodworkers handle a lot of solid wood. When a tree proves to be uniquely creativeand has left its mark on the slightest slice, our woodworkers set it aside for Cambium Arte, to be used as wall art.

All the pieces in the Cambium Arte collection are displayed simply to reveal the beauty produced by nature. Our job is to spot it and showcase these exceptional pieces.

Each piece is handcrafted with care and respect. The finish is neatly done so that the details are highlightedwhile respecting the natural side of the wood pieces.