Slabs Tree slices Live edge – Inventory

Here is an overview of our inventory of slabs, tree slices for your live edge projects (also called free form).MATPEL is incredibly proud to say that we find, saw, dry, and transform all of these slabs ourselves. Everything is made using elbow grease, with due regard for the wood, the noblest of materials. We are committed to working with traditional methods to control the quality of our wood and our products perfectly. We can even tell you where each of our trees has lived its life.  

MATPEL salvages mostly urban trees that have already fallen and will be burned if we don’t save them for live edge pieces. We do not participate in the timber trade and do not encourage the cutting of trees in any way, nor do we have any connection with real estate developers attempting to clear their consciences. Our projects are anchored in solid values. 

MATPEL is sustainable, local, artisanal. We work this way out of respect for the tree and our profession. Challenge us and see – we are the only ones who claim this approach and apply it.  

You will find in this inventory rare, sometimes even exceptional, species of tree slabs. We usually just reclaim very large trees. But when the wood species is interesting, we take the time to churn out wonders from bohemian olive trees, American elms, and cherry trees, for example. We also don’t just make big tabletops; we gather pieces to make all kinds of furniture.  

Inspired by George Nakashima, we are motivated to create. The only difference is that we are more affordable than the original master of the live edge style.

Credit photo: MATPEL ébénisterie écologique


Furniture and slab products – From recovery to creation

At MATPEL, we offer a large inventory of furniture and slab products. Our primary interest is creating furniture, and our entire urban tree recovery operation is geared towards this goal. But, early on, we discovered that the supply of available slices was disappointing, consisting of majestic trees from tropical forests, cut who knows how (though we have our suspicions) into dull, uninteresting pieces and standard thicknesses, poor quality species for woodworking.

In getting into urban forestry, MATPEL is making a difference for the environment by salvaging these “giants” destined for the wood chipper. We observe and study each slice to make the most of its essence in our furniture and SLAB products and discover its optimal and natural use in the ways of George Nakashima. Not every slice of a tree is meant to become a table.

“But one must work alone, building objects of wood. With a mendicant’s eye, a sadhu’s perception, a ragpicker’s sense, I poke my way through the valley of the fallen giants, finding here and there fragments which will be given a second life.” George Nakashima, The Soul of a Tree – a woodworker’s reflections.  

Make an appointment to come and choose a board and discuss your furniture and slab product projects with us. Discover the perfect harmony between your needs and what the tree has to offer.  We are open Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. By appointment only.

We continue to offer custom services for your projects and can design, produce, sand, finish, and install your project. Our experience as custom master cabinetmakers will be of great help to you in making the most of these beautiful boards. 

Photo credit: Phil Bernard Photographe (for the great photos only, the remaining credit all goes to MATPEL!)