Sofa booster shelf – The Singulière Booster Shelf

First test of the Collection, the Singulière Booster Shelf caused a sensation in our team. For those times at home when you want to work from the sofa, the booster shelf will allow you to view your laptop or tablet without experiencing its heat on your thighs. The Singulière Booster Shelf can be slid under the sofa in front of you or sideways. Whether it’s to lay your glass or enjoy a tv-dinner from another era, you’ll appreciate its neat surface.

Dimensions: 22 3/4″ high X 16″ large X 14 1/2″ deep

Clearance needed under the sofa: 2 1/2 inches

Illustrated wood essences: cherry and elm live edge

Price: 239$

The Singulière Booster Shelf is made from 100% solid wood. Available with live edge top or cut clean.
The Singulière Booster Shelf can also be delivered in a removable version with assembly bolts for customers outside of Montreal.
*** Wood essences: variables by inventory ***

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The Singulière Collection products are also available on Etsy.


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